Ray Trimble - Partner / Broker

 Mike Donovan - Partner / Broker

 Dave Grosz - Broker

PropertyBanc, Inc. is a Locally owned commercial Real Estate Company focused primarily on assisting businesses in real estate acquisitions, ownership and/or property sales. We also provide a full range of Landlord, Tenant and Seller Representation services to the market.

From the inception of PropertyBanc in 1997, our goal has been to exceed our client's expectations We provide information on (a) the benefits of building wealth and equity through real estate ownership and (b) helping the business owner in locating space to lease. Although owner occupied property has a wealth of benefits for the business owner, not all tenants are candidates for ownership. We at PropertyBanc take great pride in our advocate role for the buyer, seller, landlord or tenant. PropertyBanc is committed to ensuring the right questions are asked, that good procedure and attention to detail are in place, and that relevant and comprehensive information are part of the comparative analysis and due diligence performance.  Let us find a home for your business.

Remember the old adage. "Whether you rent or whether you buy, you pay for the space you occupy".

Contact Ray Trimble at 402-813-6276 or ray@propertybanc.com

Contact Mike Donovan at 402-616-1173 or mike@propertybanc.com

Contact Dave Grosz at 402-630-5039 or dave@propertybanc.com

PeropertyBanc's mailing address is PO Box 4371, Omaha, Nebraska, 68104.

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